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LEVO Special controls

Special controls lifestyle

LEVO offers a wide range of special controls for users that have challenges operating a standard control system. The LEVO special control range enables you to expand your abilities and experiences, tailored to individual needs and wishes. LEVO can offer many different solutions.


R net Omni triple

LEVO uses the standard solution in the market called Omni. Omni is a part of the R-Net control system, supplied by the Curtiss-Wright company (CW). Omni is the generic interface that connects various input devices and is standard equipped with the ability to control the environment through infrared.

An intuitive system means you will be in control. A reliable and intuitive interface is an important part of being in control of the wheelchair and environment.
The Omni is a proven, high quality user interface, offering excellent functions for indoor or outdoor use.

The possibilities are endless:

• Connects to multiple input devices, proportional or switched;
• Auditory feedback possible;
• Programmable menu structure;
• Infrared feature to control home appliances;
• Large and bright colour LCD display;
• Easy to operate;
• Easy to mount, wire and program;
• Integrates to the existing R-net system

Input devices

LEVO offers a wide range of special input devices, ranging from miniature joysticks to a simple switch. Input devices can be either proportional or switched.
With a proportional input device, you can control the direction and speed of the wheelchair. The switched input device only controls the direction of the wheelchair. Speed, acceleration and deceleration are determined by programming.

Proportional input devices


LEVO joystick

LEVO Standard joystick

Can be used on an armrest or as a chin control

LEVO nano

LEVO Nano joystick

Very little movement needed, only 4N of operating force required. A great solution for chin, lip or finger control.

LEVO zero

LEVO Zero joystick

Virtually no joystick movement and the force is adjustable. Ideal for chin, lip or finger control.

Switched input devices

LEVO head arrays are fitted with safe and reliable proximity sensors. This means that you do not have to physically touch the headrest to steer the wheelchair into a certain direction. This is a big advantage and safe to drive. This way you will always be looking into the direction the LEVO wheelchair is meant to drive.

LEVO head array Standard

Easy to use head array with proximity sensors. Sensor sensitivity is adjustable.


LEVO head array Pro

This solution provides you with ultimate flexibility, in the event better adjustability is needed.

LEVO Sip puff

LEVO Sipp and Puff

The perfect combination of sip and puff in a head array: sip and puff for the forward/backward movement, proximity sensors for direction.

Single or multiple switch control

Have control of all the LEVO wheelchairs functions, by using only one or more switches.

Eggswitch    MC210  microlightswitchlargeBuddy ButtonSpecs Switch

Environmental Control

The home environment increasingly becomes more important. The way we control our environment changes rapidly with new mobile technology. The R-net control system, in combination with the Omni special control interface, is the best start to work with an environmental control. Omni comes with infrared to control home appliances such as TV and audio equipment. By adding a simple module, it is even Bluetooth capable – this means control of a PC, Android or Windows-based phones and tablets. It provides you with wireless control up to a distance of 10 metres.

Order Form

To make ordering special controls easier, we have a dedicated order form. This way it is easier to configure the special control that is needed - tailor-made, installed and programmed.
LEVO also offers an extensive training program to enable partners and their customers to learn how to select, build and program the special controls themselves. If you have questions about our special controls and how LEVO can offer you support, please contact your local distributor or contact LEVO.
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