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Participate in an active life

You are active and want a wheelchair that fits you and enhances your life. The LEVO LCEV manual standing wheelchair is your ultimate companion. It combines an active, agile wheelchair and life enriching powered standing mechanism at the touch of a switch. The quiet, reliable actuator smoothly moves you to and through any and all angles from the seated position to a full 86° standing position. Anyplace and anytime, have the choice of where you want to be in the joy of an active life with a LEVO LCEV!

LCEV product

  • Highlights

  • Characteristics

  • Seating and standing

  • Standard configuration

  • Options and accessoiries

  • Technical Details

  • Smooth standing and positioning movement
  • Compact, maneuverable, light
  • Safe and secure stand-up operation elevating to any and all angles between sitting and 86° standing
  • Switch activation and switch option for all levels of hand/finger function
  • Adjustable for upper and lower leg length, foot position and back height
  • Six ground stability points ensure solid and secure standing position
  • User weight up to 120 kg
  • Wide range of different options and accessories
  • Multiple color option
  • Certificates: TÜV, CERAH, HI, FDA/510(k), Crash Test
  • Agile, Active, Compact
  • Excellent driving characteristics indoor and outdoor
  • Convenient quick release rear wheels, front castors and a folding backrest for easy vehicle transport
  • Simple and fast adjustment for individual preferences
  • Accessories to build your personalized chair
  • Electrical standing unit: operated by the touch of a switch, engages powerful actuator
  • Different switches available for people with all levels of hand and finger function
  • Complete standing position up to 86°
  • Sit, Stand – and anywhere in between
  • Six ground stability points ensure solid and secure standing position
  • Electric actuator standing – smooth, stable, safe
  • Optimal and matched body mechanics in all seating and standing positions
  • Numerous health benefits because of more frequent standing
  • Armrests folding upwards, height and angle adjustable
  • Folding down backrest, angle adjustable
  • Battery and charger
  • Chest belt and knee support
  • Foam seat cushion
  • Anti-tip rollers
  • Tip aid
  • Backrest extension
  • Push handles
  • Push handle extension
  • Swing away chest support
  • Spinergy wheels
  • Camber
  • Spoke guard
  • V-Trak back
  • ...many more on request!

 LCEV sizes

Seat width (SB) 35/38/40/42/45/48/50 cm
Total width (B) Seat width + 18 cm
Total length (L) 84-109 93-104 cm
Total height (H) 80 cm
Seat height, with cushion 48/51/54/57 cm
Seat depth 29-42 43-57 cm
Rear wheels 22/24/26 "
Chair weight 25 26 kg
Maximum load 120  kg
Batteries 2 x 12V/2.7Ah  
Transport volume 98x60x45 cm

Changes in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications.

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